FileMenu Tools Crack 7.8.6 Plus Serial Key Latest Version 2022

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FileMenu Tools Crack (2)

FileMenu Tools 7.8.6 Crack Plus Serial Key Latest Version 2022

FileMenu Tools 7.8.6 Crack is an application that will help you customize your Windows Explorer menu by adding, installing your favorite items and custom and shortcuts to the menu. Improve your performance and performance. Get help customizing the Windows Explorer context menu, the menu when you open it by clicking the mouse button. This app is easy to use and can be installed in a few clicks even by beginners.

FileMenu Tools Crack is a complete menu management tool that allows you to make almost any change to a menu. You can add new functions to common menus, such as commands, submenus, and individual items. However, you can easily remove items from the list if you wish. It also allows you to edit and change general items as you wish. It contains settings such as general settings, descriptions, icons, menus, product types, extensions, folders, drivers, modifier keys, arguments, workbooks for actions, and other types.

FileMenu Tools Crack Plus Serial Key 2022

FileMenu Tools Serial Key is an easy-to-use program to customize Windows Explorer menu items. It is an application that you can use to customize the menu by right-clicking and searching. Easy to install and configure, even for fewer users. The program interface is based on standard windows with an intuitive design. So you can check the items when it comes to the contents of the menu, Go to the menu, and commands from other applications. Because you can reset the general functions of operation, menu, description, icon, model, extension, folders, disks, and various values.

FileMenu Tools Serial Number adds commands, submenus, and separators, as well as removes input names. But you can reset common functions when it comes to functionality, menu, description, icon, model, file extensions, folders, drives, various keys, argument, working folder, scope, and admin mode. РDesigned to extend the Windows menu and provide edit or delete options. Running tasks, commands, processes or files has never been easier. By default, FileMenu Tools has many out-of-the-box commands that simplify many standard tasks.

FileMenu Tools Crack Latest Version 2022

FileMenu Tools Crack Latest Version is a simple program that adds internal tools to manage shortcut menus for quick and easy operation. In addition, the application interface is based on standard windows with an intuitive design. So you can change the items when it comes to the contents of the menu, the “Send” menu, and commands from other applications. In addition, the Full FileMenu tool helps your productivity and performance by adding Windows Explorer menu options. You can create your items and shortcuts for files and folders, submenus, tabs, applications, and more.

FileMenu Tools Crack Full Version is an application that allows you to customize the Windows Explorer menu. The application adds built-in tools to work on files and folders and adds commands that allow you to run external applications, copy/move to a specific folder, or delete a specific file type. FileMenu Tools let you customize the “Send To…” submenu and enable or disable content commands added by other applications.

FileMenu Tools Crack Free Download 2022

FileMenu Tools Crack Free Download is a program that you can use to customize the Explorer right-click menu. It can be easily installed and configured even by less experienced users. The application interface is based on a standard window with an intuitive design. Thus, you can sort items when it comes to context menu commands, Send menu, and other application commands. FileMenu Tools allows you to add commands, submenus, and separators, and remove items from a list. But you can also reconfigure common properties when it comes to action, menu text, description, icons, item types, file extensions, directories, drives, modifier keys, arguments, working directories, multiple instances, and admin mode.

FileMenu Tools Crack Full Download With Product Key customizes the Explorer context menu by adding built-in tools for file and folder operations. Users can add custom commands that launch, copy, or move external applications to a specific folder, or delete specific types of files. Send and enable and disable commands that other programs add to the context menu. The built-in tool allows the user to run, copy and move a specific logic program to a folder. So copy URL, UNC or URL, internet path, name or clipboard content and view or edit properties, split or attach a file. archive or unsubscribe DLL. For More Info…

Key Features:

  • Sync Files: You can specify the type of sync (one-way, two-way, etc.) and the files to sync.
  • Advanced Delete: Repeatedly delete certain types of files from folders. The file type can be specified with wildcards such as * .txt, * .t ?? etc.
  • Find and Replace: Find and replace text rings in all selected files. Regular expressions are supported.
  • Advanced Renamer: Rename all selected items according to the set rules.
  • Delete Locked Files: Delete files that have been completed by the program and cannot be deleted normally.
  • Permanently Delete: Delete the selected items without moving them to the trash.
  • Edit Icon: Change the specified icon in the selected folder.
  • Start with Arguments: Start the program with the parameters entered in the dialog box.
  • Command Prompt From Here: Opens a Command Prompt window in the selected folder.
  • Attributes: Displays a submenu that allows you to change the properties of the selected item.
  • Once a folder is selected, its properties can be changed recursively.
  • Split File: Splits the selected file into sections.
  • Merge files: Merge parts of previously shared files.
  • Copy to: copies the selected items to another folder. Filters can be configured to copy specific file types.
  • Move to: Move the selected items to another folder. Filters can be configured to move certain types of files.
  • Copy Name: Copies the names of all selected items to the extraction memory.
  • Copy Path: Copies the addresses of the entire selected item to clip memory.
  • Copy UNC Path: Copy the paths of all selected items in UNC format (\\disk\SharedResource\Path) to the clipboard.
  • Copy Internet Path: Copy all traces of the selected item in Internet format (file:///path) to the clipboard.
  • Copy Content: Copies the contents of the selected item to the clip memory. When a folder is selected, all items in the folder are copied.
  • Insert Clipboard: Add the contents of the clipboard to the selected item. When an item is selected, the files are created in the clipboard contents folder.
  • Change Time: Change Time Changes the creation time, last entry time, and last change time for the selected item. When a folder is selected, you can recursively rotate to a subfolder over time.
  • File Size: Specifies the size of the file.
  • Include DLL: Register the DLL in Windows.
  • Exit DLL: Exit DLL.
  • Create New Folder: Creates a new folder in the selected folder.
  • Email to: Send an email with the selected topics as attachments.
  • Shredded Files: Selected shredded files that make it impossible to recover files with recovery tools.
  • Copy files: Creates a new copy of the selected item in the current folder.
  • Map Pack: Create a new subfolder in the current library and move all selected items into that subfolder.
  • Extract Folder: Move all items in the selected folder to the parent folder and delete this empty folder.
  • Select themes in Windows Explorer based on their type. This program does not work on Windows 7 or higher.
  • Create Symbolic Link: Creates a symbolic link referenced by the selected item. It only works on Windows Vista or higher.
  • Calculate and check the amount of Control: Calculate and check the amount of power of the selected item. For example, by calculating the checksum of a file, you can check whether the file has been modified.
  • Delete Empty Folders: Delete folders that do not contain any files.


FileMenu Tools Crack (1)

FileMenu Tools Crack (3)

What’s New?

  • Added new tool sort into folders. This tool allows you to organize selected files by copying (or moving) them to new folders according to certain rules.
  • Custom Job Copy/Move Added new settings: Overwrite” and “Open Destination Folder.
  • Advanced Renamer: Added a dropdown list of recently used strings to the basic options edit box.
  • So advanced profile management is advanced renaming and finding and replacing.
  • Remove Empty Folders Added two buttons Select All and Select None.
  • Change Time Sometimes the time is not set correctly when the system time was in daylight and the file time was not in daylight and vice versa.
  • Fixed some bugs file menu Tools Portable people who use a lot of computers can sometimes tell themselves that they wish they had some tools in the context menu. Now you can easily add any feature to your context menu and take advantage of it. Customizing the context menu speeds up work and saves time.

Pros & Cons

  • Custom Menus FileMenu Tools lets you choose which items appear in various context menus in Windows Explorer. By selecting certain items you want quick access to and disabling others you don’t use as often, you greatly streamline the processes you run regularly. In addition to adding and removing standard items, you can also add custom items to these menus in just a few steps. Other Tools In addition to menu customization options, this app also provides many other tools to help you increase efficiency while working. These include an improved renamer, tools for copying and moving folders and files to new locations, a command line interface window for advanced users, and more.
  • Amazing for Beginners With so many options available in this program, it can be a bit overwhelming for those without much computer experience. Unfortunately, the help file does not provide a good overview of how to use the program, and the extensive presentation of technical information can only increase the frustration of novice users.

System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10.
  • Processor: Pentium IV or higher.
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM (2 GB recommended).
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more.

Serial Key:


How to Install?

  • First Download the FileMenu tools with keys from the link at the bottom.
  • Now install the software on your computer and do not run the application.
  • Now copy the patch file and paste it into the main application folder.
  • You can also copy the keys at the end to activate and register FileMenu Tools Crack
    Now reboot the system.
  • Complete the registration and enjoy.


FileMenu Tools Crack allows you to customize the Windows Explorer experience so that all the tools and options you need are always at your fingertips. After defining your preferences, you can enjoy the convenience of custom menus and sub-menus, and many other advanced features with this application.

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